Tribute to one of the all-time greatest Cavaliers, Marty Clancy
Marty Clancy



Dear Teammates and Classmates,

I am Bob Soper, Marty's 28 year old nephew ( one of the twins). My family and I were amazed by the amount of Cabrini alumni attended the services. It was extremely helpful to hear some stories about Marty in his college years. I was only 5 years old when Marty attended Cabrini, but I do have some memories of watching him play college basketball. He would pick me and my brother up on the way to one of his summer league games, on the way to the game, he would eat a whole pack of Oreos and drink a gallon of milk, and still play great. It was very nice to hear that the legend Marty made himself out to be had a lot of truth to it. Marty's competitive nature came out while teaching his nieces and nephews how to play basketball. He would teach us how to box out by knocking us on our butts. He would teach us how to rebound by stepping on our feet and putting an elbow in our chest.

Steve Brown you'll be happy to know Marty never got over that head butting thing, me and my brother went home with severe headaches numerous times after a night out with Marty.

Thank you so much to everybody. It was the medicine me and my family needed to start the mourning process.

Thank you !!!!!!!

The Clancy Family  

To All the Coaches, Basketball Players, Cabrini Alumni, and Friends,
Please accept our sincere gratitude for the sympathy, good thoughts and prayers you have extended to our entire family. Your outpouring of kindness was of tremendous comfort to myself and Marty's brothers, sisters nieces and nephews. We may not have known all of your names or how you knew Marty, but you took the time to share with us a little memory as you shook our hands.
Your presence eased our sorrow and your stories warmed our hearts. It helps to know that Martin touched the lives of so many people. It helps to know that people have memories of his good heart.
We wish we could thank each and every one of you individually for your kind expressions of support and sympathy.
Thank you for being a part of Marty's life.
Helen Clancy (Martin's Mom)