Tribute to one of the all-time greatest Cavaliers, Marty Clancy
Marty Clancy



"As Marty's basketball coach, I am saddened to learn of his passing. It is always difficult to see someone younger pass away. Martin will live in my heart always for his wonderful smile, his quick wit and his "gentle giant" demeanor. Marty's mischievous personality and his love of life made him an enduring individual to all who knew him. As John has indicated in the headline of his announcement, the Cavaliers lost an all time great. Marty will always be remembered for his play in the 1984 District 19 championship victory over Coppin State. That day, he played much bigger than his 6'5 frame. He scored 22 points and hauled in 19 rebounds in a hard fought overtime victory. Most surprisingly, he did NOT commit one foul...truly unbelievable if you knew Marty. That victory was a key building block in the Cabrini basketball legacy. To Marty's family, friends, teammates and coaches I send my deepest sympathies. We all love you Marty-may you rest in peace."

-Coach John Dzik

"Marty the basketball player had the single most impressive performance in the history of Cabrini College Basketball when he played against Coppin St in the District 19 playoffs.  He helped the Cavaliers set their tradition of excellence, was a big part of one of the first upsets in the history of the program-- upsetting the highly favored Coppin State at Coppin State in the District 19 playoff game.  Marty was an outstanding rebounder, playing a very physically intimidating style of basketball that made him feared on the court.  In contrast, off the court, Marty was a caring and gentle individual-- a true gentleman in every sense of the word.  Marty-- we will remember you, and will miss you."

-Coaches Joe Kelly and Mike Keeley

"I only had the pleasure of knowing Marty after his career had finished at Cabrini.  In the time that I knew him he was a true example of what it meant to play Cabrini Basketball-- a hard working guy who exemplified all of the good that Cabrini was during the Dzik era-- in my mind he was the ultimate Cavalier-- a gentleman, and a champion of life both on the court and off of the court.  Marty always remembered his roots at Cabrini, remembered his basketball family, and was a true ambassador for the program.  He will be missed."

-John Mack, Class of 1998 

"I’ve been thinking long and hard about a few things that I would like to say about Marty. The reality is, having been dorm and house mates with him for a few years, there are countless stories that could be shared that would have you on the floor laughing, but they are probably best left locked in the vault for only a handful of us to remember.

Marty and I came into Cavalierville at the same time. I was one of coach Dzik’s earliest soccer recruits as Martin was in his first class of basketball recruits. And, off the subject, it was because of meeting people like John Dzik that I knew I wanted to go to Cabrini. Dzik didn’t just recruit athletes. Dzik recruited good people who were also good at their respective sports. Dzik built a community, evidenced by the number of soccer players who started hanging out at basketball games, and visa versa. Dzik built a legacy, and a tradition.

Marty was always a stand up guy who lived life to the fullest. He loved to live, he loved to laugh, he loved to have fun, and he loved to love. And Marty would hurt nobody. Unless you were perhaps challenging him for that offensive board or were in his way as posted up on his way to a spin move to “his” basket.

A few of us were talking as we heard of Marty passing and everyone seemed to also bring up another name when talking about the gentle giant. And that’s Marty’s Cabrini love of Katie Fitzpatrick. Katie was the ONE person, (except for his mom,) who could keep Marty on the straight and narrow. These two were in love and Martin treated Katie like a little princess. Katie Fitz, if you are out there ….. Although your love for Marty was many many years ago, I know he left an imprint, and for that I am sorry for your loss.

Before I go, I do need to just share a couple of things to put a smile on your face. Like the time we woke up in the middle of the night in Counsel Hall (then the men’s dorm) to fire alarms and thick black smoke. We all panicked and made for the exits. A few moments later, we saw Marty, half asleep in the hallway next to an air popping pop corn maker. You remember the kind with the big yellow plastic cover. You see, Marty got hungry and so as to not disturb any of his roommates; he went into the hallway to make popcorn. AND THEN FELL ASLEEP OUT THERE WHILE THE PLASTIC MELTED AND BURNED RIGHT DOWN TO THE BURNER. That was our Marty.

We also have classic video footage from our wedding in 1986 in which Marty attended. At one point as the camera panned around the reception room, you could hear in the background a tray or a platter of some kind fall to the floor. You don’t think anything at first, but then as the camera again pans the guests, Pat Connelly said “I just want everyone to know that Marty knocked over the guy with the meatballs.” Martin just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. That was our Marty.

How many of us have been head butted by Marty Clancy. It seemed to have been the “fun” thing to do there for a little while. And it was usually while at a party …. And usually after Martin’s one eye started to retreat a little as if it wanted to go to bed. And I was probably more guilty on this one. This was sort of our ritual greeting …. Head butts……

OK, I suppose the rest should be left alone, or can be brought up at the next gathering. For now I will just say that I am truly blessed to have had a man like Martin John Clancy in my life. And as I hung out at the viewing with the huge Cabrini contingency that turned out, I was reminded of how strong this community is and it’s because of the people that make it up. People like Marty.

God Bless. Our thoughts and prayers to all of Marty’s family and friends."

Steve Brown, Cabrini Class of 1984, Soccer Alum

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